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XLS Energy, Inc. is a United States Renewable Energy company specializing in the conversion of natural gas, landfill gas, biogas, waste water treatment gas, coal bed methane and syngas into electricity utilizing proprietary technology. XLS Energy then sells the electricity to the state utility companies through a 10-20 year Power Purchase Agreement to bolster the power requirements of industries and consumers.

Based on recent legislation and EPA guidelines, every state in the U.S. will be required to produce an increasingly higher percentage of their electricity exclusively from renewable sources over the next several years.  Most states do not have the budgets in place to build new infrastructures to generate the electricity necessary to fulfill the future renewable energy requirements set forth by the U.S. government and the EPA.

In many states, existing power plants are being forced to retrofit or shut down due to recent changes in emission regulations.  This is resulting in a shortage of electricity and higher prices nationwide for consumers and industries. 



XLS Energy utilizes a variety of abundantly available natural and methane gas sources such as landfills, waste water treatment facilities, farms, coal mines, active oil drilling sites and stranded oil wells to power the XLS Energy electricity conversion units.

XLS Energy’s electricity conversion technology’s standard configuration resides in a 40’ enclosure that produces 1 Megawatt of electricity - enough electricity to power up to 1000 homes. Each unmanned unit operates remotely and independently and is managed via a centralized satellite remote monitoring facility.  

There is no capital equipment or manpower cost to the gas producers for the implementation of our technology.  XLS Energy owns, installs, operates and maintains all the necessary equipment for each implementation, thus eliminating requirements for additional budgets, increased taxes and special approvals for the gas producers. 

There is no cost to XLS Energy for the natural gas or methane gas that XLS Energy utilizes to operate the equipment.  Instead, the gas producer is paid a royalty on the electricity revenue generated by the implementation of our technology. 

In many cases, the current natural gas and methane gas producers are burning (flaring) their natural and methane gas.  In most states, this results in excessive fines from the EPA resulting from the pollution being generated.  Implementing the XLS Energy technology not only stops the EPA fines, it also provides additional revenue to the gas producers from the royalties of the electricity sale to the local utility companies.  

In addition to eliminating EPA fines and generating royalty revenue for operational sites such as landfills, farms and waste water treatment facilities, XLS Energy can provide electricity directly to the facility at up to a 50% cost savings because the electricity is being generated on-site.  In some cases, this can result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars per month. 


A large majority of new and previous oil drilling sites are not connected to the natural gas pipeline and are flaring their natural gas generated from the well.  Sites without access to electricity are currently spending as much as $300,000 per month for diesel fuel to power generators  for their drilling sites. XLS Energy can install our technology directly at the drilling site utilizing their natural gas and provide all of the electricity needed to power the site, as well as providing royalty revenue to the site from the electricity sale to the local utility companies.  

XLS Energy’s electricity conversion technology is an ideal solution for every state because the states can now dictate exactly where they need supplemental electricity produced and how much is needed to stay in compliance with the new EPA guidelines.  XLS Energy’s electricity conversion technology can be installed at any location allowing utility companies to provide electricity even to the most remote communities and industries who may be hundreds of miles away from traditional power plants.  This can provide as much as a 70% cost savings on electricity because there is no power line transmission fee to move the electricity from the power plant to the outlying communities and industries.  XLS Energy units can also be installed directly in cities and towns to support any shortages in current electricity supplies.



The Obama Administration and United States Government is currently providing a multitude of financial and tax incentives to companies currently focused on producing electricity through renewable sources.  The Obama Administration is working to promote domestic production of renewable energy to create jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil, combat global warming, and build a stronger rural economy. The President's plan for rural America has brought about historic investment and resulted in stronger rural communities.

Each XLS Energy electricity conversion technology unit is installed under a 10-20 year Power Purchase Agreement from the local utility companies.  In the case of landfills, wastewater treatment facilities and farms, there is an automatic 10 year renewal of the Power Purchase Agreement with an appropriate rate adjustment.

These are times of change – Never has the demand for energy on a global basis and the environmental challenges to produce that energy been more important.   Every power project, every power company, every community and every country is facing the challenge of providing increasing energy for economic growth while addressing the environmental challenges of climate change and global warming.  Meeting this power demand and challenge to the environment must change our approach as to how energy is produced and the cost of such energy. 

A company committed to producing clean energy while meeting the new environmental challenges - XLS Energy is a company committed to producing clean energy that meets the new environmental challenges.  

We want to hear from you - Whether you are an energy consumer, landfill facility, community, potential partner or someone who wants to join us in meeting these challenges, welcome to our site.  Our management team has a track record of achieving results.  We do it by seeking win-win solutions and long-term relationships.  You would be surprised, and pleased, at the power that comes from such an approach.  The management of XLS Energy, Inc. recognizes the opportunities for offering an affordable source of alternative energy designed to create a cleaner and more prosperous America by reducing our dependence on foreign oil. XLS Energy, Inc. serves its area of business working to make its operations more productive while at the same time controlling expenses. 







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