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Gas Flaring Solution

Convert Flaring Gas into a Long-Term Revenue Stream


XLS Energy specializes in converting flared gas, often a liability, into a long-term revenue stream through the production of on-site electricity generation. This electricity is then sold to the local and state utility companies through long-term (5-15 year) power purchase agreements that have been negotiated with XLS Energy in each state.

There are multiple operational and financial benefits to be gained from implementing XLS Energy’s flare gas power generation technology. ¬†They are –



No Capital Cost Required

XLS Energy installs, owns, operates, maintains and monitors all of the equipment required for the implementation of our power generation technology. There is no capital expenditure required from the gas producer for the implementation of the XLS Energy technology.


No Operational Cost Required

XLS Energy technology operates in unmanned, highly-secure, self-contained modular units that are monitored and managed via satellite and cellular connectivity 24 hours per day. In the event of an emergency, automatic shut-off is self-activated based on pre-defined criteria. XLS Energy is responsible for all operational, monitoring and on-going maintenance of all technology. There are no manpower requirements from the producer.


Eliminate Regulatory Flaring Fines

Implementing the XLS Energy technology will eliminate flaring fines at each installed site. In certain states, it may be possible to cease all flaring fines immediately upon contract execution with XLS Energy even prior to installation.


Long-Term Guaranteed Revenue

XLS Energy executes a negotiated 5-15 year power purchase agreements with the utility company. The gas producer is paid a monthly royalty on all of the electricity revenue generated. Royalties are based on a guaranteed fixed price for the sale of the electricity with automatic two year escalations. The fixed price can never be reduced, only increased.


Production Site Utility Cost Savings

In addition to eliminating EPA fines and generating royalty revenue for gas production sites, XLS Energy can also provide electricity directly to the production site at a substantial cost savings because the electricity is being generated on-site. In some cases, this can result in savings of tens of thousands of dollars per month for the gas producer. This is especially true if the site is currently operating from diesel.


Improved Public Relations

Implementing the XLS Energy technology will help to eliminate adverse publicity created from gas flaring sites and demonstrates proactive environmental stewardship and self-regulation of a visible, publicity sensitive issue.